Wentworth, Paoli & Purdy, LLP has handled many high-profile cases in Orange County.  A sampling of these include: trip/slip and fall cases resulting in settlements in excess of $1,000,000; toxic mold cases settled for amounts up to $900,000; a sexual harassment case with a judgment in excess of $9,000,000 (said to be the largest sexual harassment verdict in Orange County history); and a wage and hour claim with a judgment in excess of $4,000,000.  We also have represented numerous clients in the UCI fertility scandal, appearing on Oprah!, Dateline, Leeza, Phil Donahue and The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.


Aggressiveness On Your Behalf

Not all law firms pursue resolution of their cases in the same manner.  As compared to some firms that seek arbitration to quickly avoid costs and compensate for their lack of trial experience, Wentworth, Paoli & Purdy, LLP seeks to pursue each matter aggressively through whatever legal means that are necessary.  Depending on the merits of each case, this may involve settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration or trial.  We have the resources and wherewithal to aggressively represent each client all the way through trial if needed. 


Excellence in Client Service

Wentworth, Paoli & Purdy, LLP takes pride in excellent client service.  We limit the number of cases accepted in order to ensure that each client receives the kind of individualized attention they deserve.  Our attorneys spend an unusual amount of time with each client to review their case, and when accepted, to prepare them for successful resolution of the matter.  Each case is handled by a lawyer, not a paralegal as is frequently the case in other plaintiff personal injury firms.  We often achieve results above and beyond its competition because of this approach.  It is this kind of dedication and hard work that has lead to Wentworth, Paoli & Purdy, LLP’s considerable success.


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